However, it only changes the name of the project and it will not change the folder structure. JMRI: Building with IntelliJ IDEA. The settings that pertain to a project, are marked with the icon in the Settings/Preferences dialog. If there are errors: In the error log, click on the Create New Project: Choose Project Directory. Thus, every icon should have a dedicated variant for Retina devices and Darcula look and feel, all variants should be in the same directory. By default, the project name is used. To change this default, in the Run/Debug Configurations dialog, click the Defaults folder and type a value in For setup JDK in IntelliJ go to Project Structure in section Platform Settings choose SDKs and add path to JDK usually on Ubuntu it installed in /usr/lib/jvm/. In some cases you can skip _dark variants if the original icon looks good under Darcula. You signed in with another tab or window. Is it possible to change the folder structure of /res directory when IntelliJ IDEA creates a new Android project? On the project details screen, specify: Application name; Package name; Minimum, Target, Compile SDKs; Select Blank Activity from the template screen. Deployment With Tomcat: The description below uses the variable name $CATALINA_BASE to refer the base directory against The good news is there is a way to set up default project settings in IntelliJ IDEA. ... How to rename / move a project in Intellij Idea 12? When the project is opened, Gradle attempts to pull in any dependencies. Ask Question. IntelliJ Platform supports Retina displays and has dark look and feel called Darcula. ... By default, all subfolders in this folder are ... etc. Reload to refresh your session. IDE Settings IDE settings are stored in the dedicated directories under IntelliJ IDEA home directory. specified path not a directory for JDK /usr/bin/java it is not a directory to JDK is command for running compiled java programs .class files. File Encodings in IntelliJ ... by default? How to force IntelliJ to use a different home folder. ... with a menu to change to another Branch. How to change the default folder for projects. IntelliJ IDEA: Configuring Default Project Settings. ... you can change the HOME folder of Intellij IDEA. Accept or modify the subsequent defaults as necessary. Reload to refresh your session. By default, you can have up to five temporary configurations in the project before Android Studio starts to remove them. ... open intelliJ and go to file>project ... \Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_25 by default. I want to change the default folder for projects (USER.HOME/NetbeansProjects). If you change the default module name, IntelliJ IDEA will suggest a new folder (within the project folder) as the module content root folder. ... ( Log Out / Change ) I think this reduces confusion, because an "IntelliJ project" has a different scope from a "Maven project", unlike in Eclipse. Participate in discussions with other Treehouse members and learn. You signed out in another tab or window. You can specify the desired encoding for the file or for the containing directory or for the whole project or ... Luke! If you accept this and other default module settings, the project folder will act as the module content root folder. Because we come from an Eclipse background, most of us just refer to IntelliJ projects as "workspaces" in my organisation, and explicitly qualify "IntelliJ project" if we need to use the word "project".